Update Nov 25th 2012

January 8, 2012

Coexist has changed under new management based in Washington DC. We are now much more of an international campaign while still delivering our more intellectual projects. I am now the Director of Coexist Programmes, which includes partnering with the Cambridge University Inter-faith Programme. The current list of projects include a major partnership with the Cheltenham Literary Festival, Greenbelt, chief sponsorship of the Insight Film Festival, a Leadership Training Programme for senior faith leaders in conjunction with St George’s Windsor, religious literacy training (currently with the Equality and Human Rights Commission), an art exhibition and working alongside the Understanding Faiths on line education resource. I also run the new international Coexist Prize, awarded to an unsung hero who has made an outstanding contribution to understanding between faiths. On my other days I continue as Executive Producer for TBI Media and as Co-Director of Like for Like Productions. I am also a consultant for Renewal and their major new Surrey Docks Development. I have also recently completed my role on the independent enquiry panel into the Peterborough Mosque caught in the underage ‘nikah’ marriage controversy.

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